Kid won’t mind? Taze her.

A police officer in Little Rock, Arkansas “tazed” a little girl, with her mother’s approval, because the child refused to take a shower.

Officer Dustin Bradshaw’s report states that the girl was “violently kicking and verbally combative,” so he darted her with his Tazer, giving her a “very brief stun to her back.”

Is it just me, or does this seem a trifle … overboard?

I mean, this was a 10-year-old, not a 180-pound man hopped up on angel dust and waving a tire-iron. A 10-year-old girl. Unarmed. Kicking and screaming and obviously out of control, but this is not necessarily abnormal behavior for a child. Annoying, aggravating, even infuriating behavior, certainly, but who in hell would shoot a 10-year-old with a Tazer gun?

Apparently, an American policeman.

Officer Bradshaw has been suspended from duty for a week, with pay. I know the suspension will go on his records, and that’s not so good for him, promotion-wise, but otherwise, it’s like he’s getting a free week of vacation for electrocuting a child in order to stun her into submission. And you know what? He wasn’t suspended for shooting the child, but because he forgot to attach a video camera to the gun before he fired. Seems he broke department rules when he did that.

The little girl was physically unharmed, according to the story by the Associated Press, though one does wonder what her mental state must be, given that her mother called the police on her for not taking a shower when she was told – and then gave the officer permission to shoot her with a Tazer because she was throwing a tantrum.

This is incredible. No – it’s monstrous.

The child is now staying at a youth shelter. Ozark Mayor Vernon McDaniel wants the Arkansas State Police or the FBI to investigate whether the use of the Tazer on the child was proper.

Holygods. This is a question?

What’s next? “9-1-1? Hurry! My 14-year-old son won’t clean his room! Have the police come and taze him! That’ll teach him to do what I tell him to do…”

Sometimes I wonder what we’ve turned into. Where are the brakes? We accepted that our government was torturing people – most of them innocent people. It was, I guess, a kind of revenge for the Sept. 11 terror attacks, along with two wars. Now we stun children into submission with high-voltage darts for not minding their mothers.

America seriously needs a time out.

Correction: Frequent commenter Der Schildtraeger points out that I misspelled Taser. It’s an “s”, not a “z”. He’s right. Oops. He also has the mistaken impression that I dislike policemen. Au contraire. I like policemen, generally. But I dislike policemen tasing 10-year-olds, for whatever reason. Thanks for the comment, DS.


3 Responses to “Kid won’t mind? Taze her.”

  1. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Why does “America’ need a time out? The officer clearly acted improperly, IF what is what is written here is correct. He has been suspended, with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation. This is normal and proper. There is something called due process, even for police officers. Just because you dislike police officers does NOT mean that we don’t deserve due process. And yes I’m writing this as a police officer. I also know that at least half the time, what is alleged originally in police misconduct investigations is incorrect, since it originates from the press, “witnesses” who probably never observed what actually happened, and other unreliable parties
    I’m also writing as someone who’s been tasered, several times. There is no physical harm that comes from it. In fact, the feeling of incapacitatin lasts ONLY as long as the charge is being applied. Especially if it’s only used in the manner of “dry stun” which apparently is what happened here. This is not “torture”. Trying to somehow tie the act of a policeman in the town of “Ozark” who allegedly acted incorrectly with “our government torturing people” is completely nonsensical and stupid. It also makes no sense that “America” needs a time out,” or needs anything for that matter. I certainly don’t need a time out.
    I think one of the best illustrations of your ignorance of the matter is the fact that you can’t even spell TASER corectly. There is no Z in TASER. Taser stands for Thomas A Swift’s Electrical Rifle. If you’re going to write about a subject and give a verdict before the case has even been heard, at least be educated enough to SPELL your subject correctly.
    As a policeman, would I ever TASE a child? No. Especially not one 10 years old. Why? Mainly because I would be suspended and eventually fired, which is what will probably happen to this officer, IF what is alleged here actually took place. And in this economy, most people cannot afford to lose their jobs. Also, it would bring ridicule, scrutiny, investigations, and possibly limitations or even removal of the TASER as a tool to police officers. We have enough scrutiny and limitations on what we can do to fight crime, without having to have FURTHER restrictions placed on us. It also tarnishes the officer’s agency’s reputation, the state’s reputation, and indirectly, the reputation of all officers serving.
    That being said….. are there wild, misbehaving, violent (some EXTREMELY violent) juveniles out there? Hell yes!! Do some of these juveniles often deserve to be tasered? Possibly. Should they be tasered (or punished, controlled, corrected etc) by police? NO! they should be corrected by the PARENTS. I would have no problem with a parent or teacher administering just the right amount of physical correction to control wild, disrespectful kids. In this case, if I were called to that scene, I would let the parent know that she can do what she needs to do to control her child. I would be behind her 100%, and I would let the child know I am behind and support her mother 100% with what she chooses to do with the child. That is usually all it takes to get an out-of-control kid back under control. The problem is that many parents no longer believe in disciplining their children. Or, there ARE no parents present most of the time, because they don’t care enough, or because they’re both working and they think they can use the public school system as free babysitting. Or, there is only one parent, which is usually a recipe for disaster. I have NEVER arrested a juvenile who has two loving (yet firm) attentive responsible parents behind them. Always it’s either single parent, or one parent in jail, or the parents just don’t give a damn, or the parents and schools let them get away with anything. I’ve responded to many calls from single mothers (with misbehaving children) who think of us as free fathers, free father figures, free discipline for their children. Sorry, we’re not. If you want that, go get yourself a husband with a backbone, not one that impregnates you and then leaves you with a kid who will grow up to be an undisciplined brat. Do that before you call 911.
    Anyway, if the officer did what is alleged, he was in the wrong. However, don’t try to paint all of America as having a problem. and learn a little about your subject before posting.

  2. Somehow, I knew you’d be first to point out my idiocy, DS. Thanks.

  3. I can think of someone I’d like to taser…

    Wren, you have the patience of an angel.

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