Where are the Democrats?

From Undernews:

Chris Bowers: “Even after two landslide elections in a row, are our only governing options as a nation either all right-wing Republicans, or a centrist mixture of Democrats and Republicans? Isn’t there ever a point when we can get an actual Democratic administration? Also, why isn’t there a single member of Obama’s cabinet who will be advising him from the left? It seems to me as though there is a team of rivals, except for the left, which is left off the team entirely. Not a single, solitary, actual dyed-in-the-wool progressive has, as far as I can tell, even been mentioned for a position in the new administration.”


4 Responses to “Where are the Democrats?”

  1. Isn’t it something? Unfortunately, today’s Moderdate was the conservative of decades past. Heck, Richard Nixon’s healthcare plan, by comparison, is more progressive than most of today’s turgid ideas being proposed.

    Liberalism seems as old fashioned as cars with chrome bumpers and theaters playing double feature movies.

  2. “Liberalism seems as old fashioned as cars with chrome bumpers and theaters playing double feature movies.”

    And where does that leave us? I guess it means that I’ll just have to keep my liberal values (i.e.; the Golden Rule) alive and active in my personal life and give up hoping that they might someday become the values of the society I live in.

    Yeah, I know. I’m a slow learner.

    • No, you’re not a slow learner – you have a soul and heart and the values of compassion and the ability to reason … all of which, sadly, are falling out of fashion in the cold mean world of rightwing values.

  3. There are very good reasons for this. The first being that only a MINORITY of Americans are Leftists (Progressives). Obama won the election due to several factors, mainly– 1) The unpopularity of George bush, on both the right and left, and for different reasons for being unpopular 2) The almost equal unpopularity of McCain, especially on the right, to the point that many voted for him simply to vote against Obama and 3) probable widespread fraud, which is a topic unto itself. Obama, at the beginning, made the very self-centered and incorrect judgement that he won the election because people supported his actual policies and philosophies… he is very slowly having the realization that there is now widespread buyers remorse.
    And to comment on the paragraph by bluwren— I think you probably meant to use the words “Liberal values”, with a capital L. Liberal values, with a capital L, are very different from classical liberal values. In fact, calssical liberal values most certainly are NOT based on the golden rule, that basically one should treat all others as you would have them treat you. This concept, stated in the golden rule, is the basis of many left-wing philosophies, from Socialism to Communism. It is inimical to liberal, realistic values, which I and many people happen to live by, that we most certainly do NOT treat all others as we would have them treat us. I do not treat a child molester, a burglar, a thief, a nuclear physicist, a successful businessman, a neurosurgeon, or my own father and mother alike. And by extension, I would not expect them to treat me alike either. My respect for others is based on the worth that they themselves have created and demonstrated. It would be unfair and unject for me to treat a successful engineer in the same manner that I would treat a 50 year old transient high-school dropout who hasn’t had a job in 30 years. And I would be highly offended if you treated me in the same manner as well. And yes, I am aware that the golden rule is considered to be one of the bases of Christianity. As an Atheist, I could go on for volumes about how harmful this golden rule is and how it emerged from religion and how modern-day Leftism/socilaism/Communism are merely modern forms of the same tired old religionism. But I won’t. suffice to say that this concept is at the center of the battle between socialist theories and realistic merit-driven ones– ones envisioned by the Founding Fathers.
    But there is another, more sinister idea that your post seems to advocate. You want society to reflect your own values. And you want beaurocrats/politicians to transform (i.e. force) that society to conform to your own philosophies. Well that’s just not how it works. And that’s another problem with Liberal/Progressive thinking. You see the function of government as being to mold society into what you happen to agree with. For that reason it’s a very GOOD thing that Obama is firing his extreme leftists left and right, so to speak. If he does it, we (the people) won’t have to do it ourselves.

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