“I’ll be danged if I am going to give up my Social Security because of socialism,” councilman LeRoy Schaffer, addressing Michele Bachmann at a town hall.

hat-tip to Sully.

Update: WTF indeed.

Seems that the full context of Mr. Schaffer’s comment to Bachmann was left out of the quote. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

“Among more than 100 people who waited in line for over an hour to get into the event was St. Francis City Council Member LeRoy Schaffer, who was decked out in a tuxedo with a black top hat. Schaffer, who has become controversial for comments that led his fellow council members to censure him, dismissed the claim of some Republicans that the Democratic plans amount to socialized medicine.

“I’m on Social Security and I’ve got Medicare,” said Schaffer, 70, before entering the auditorium. “I have socialized medicine. I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.” [emphasis mine]

It seems that Mr. Schaffer was speaking tongue-in-cheek.


3 Responses to “WTF??”

  1. Hey Wren! I was (finally) catching up on reading my favorite blogs today, but I was at work and for some stupid reason the bastards are blocking sites (Typepad, too). I can still see your old Blogger site, but from now on I won’t be able to keep up with you at my office. I like your new look here. When I left Blogger I almost switched to the hosted WordPress, but the dealbreaker for me was that (at the time) they weren’t letting you edit your template. Even Blogger lets you do that. Things are probably better now with the widgets and all, but I decided to get the WordPress software and be my own web host. I get to mess around under the hood all I want. Sometimes I do that for days, forgetting that the reason I have a blog is to WRITE, not geek.

    I’m very impressed with your weight loss and your good, down-to-earth attitude about it. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement. I know you will have continued success, because you’ve got your head on right. I had to laugh when you talked about rolling over in bed. I got up to 214 pounds a few years ago. I’m over six feet tall, and there are a lot of guys who would look great at that weight, but I don’t have the bones for it, so it was ridiculous on me. Anyway, one of the things I noticed was that I didn’t have the strength in my arms to roll over properly — that is, to lift myself up, change positions, and then lower myself back down, without basically wrapping myself in sheets and blankets like a burrito. All I could do was roll, taking all the bedding with me, and away from Mrs. Jones. As you might imagine, it was imperative that this be corrected. Five years later I’m at 165, looking good and feeling like a rock star.

    I’ve been blogging for almost five years now. It was time to take a break. A few things happened that stopped me and made me take a look at my life. I don’t think a blog is the legacy that I want to leave, but I don’t want to give it up, either, so you’ll be hearing from me every now and then.

  2. Good to hear, Larry. And I’m likin’ the new look Blue Wren too.

    And good thing reporters always reveal the Whole story, and not just their slant, ain’t it?


  3. Without a doubt my estimation WTF?? Blue Wren is actually a very well developed article. Without a doubt definitely worth talking about moreover very well worth bringing up in the process. Truly, Hae Mclead

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