Class act

According to a short article released by AP News, President George H.W. Bush will not be attending Sen. Ted Kennedy’s funeral.

My first thought: Why not? Is Mr. Bush ill? Hadn’t heard anything about that, but since he’s 85 years old, it’s always a possibility. Then I thought, perhaps he’s on vacation. Hmm.

So I read the story. Turns out former President Bush isn’t attending the funeral because his son, former President Bush, is.

My jaw dropped.

Could it be, really, that George H.W. would prefer not to be seen in public with Dubya? Considering the great harm “43” did to our country – ignoring warnings about 9/11, taking us into two wars, one of the under false pretenses, and sending the U.S. and the world’s economy into the crapper – I can understand George Senior’s reluctance to stand anywhere near his disgraced son while the national media looks on, cameras clicking.

But no, that’s not the excuse he gave for not attending. Instead, when he learned Dubya would be at the funeral, along with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, George H. W. decided that the Bush family was well-enough represented, so he didn’t need to attend himself.

Thing is, Dubya won’t be there to represent the family. He’ll be there as a former U.S. President, paying his respects to one of the greatest lawmakers and champions of the People this country has ever known, not to mention the last patriarch of one of America’s great families.

Classy move there, Poppy. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all.


One Response to “Class act”

  1. There were a few stories during the last years of W’s Reign of Terror that daddy and W were not getting along. I seem to recall daddy Bush doing similar snubs.

    Gotta figure Barbara is somehow involved in this – probably holding a can of gasoline and a match.

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