Death Book?

The latest “outrage” concocted by conservatives against health care insurance reform is over a Veteran’s Administration publication that informs and guides vets through the steps they need to take to set up an Advanced Health Care Directive. The AHCD (or “living will”) allows veterans to state in legally binding terms how they wish to be cared for when they are terminally ill.

The wingnuts are calling it a “death book.”

Several days ago I wrote about how, during a recent appointment with my VA rheumatologist, the nurse who recorded my stats for that morning asked me if I had an Advanced Health Care Directive. When I said I didn’t, she told me more about it than I’d previously known and let me know how I could get one through the VA if I chose to.

I’m guessing that the “death book” is part of the paperwork involved for an AHCD.

So. It just happens that I have another appointment at the local VA Medical Center on Friday this week. While I’m there I’m going to pick up a copy of the AHCD instruction book and paperwork offered by the VA. I’ll see for myself what  Jonah Goldberg and the yapping heads at Fox News are so exercised over.

I’ll let you know what I learn.


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