New blog home, new look

It took me a long time to make up my mind, but I finally decided to move Blue Wren from Blogger to WordPress. Why? I wanted more flexibility with the design. I wanted to be able to use my own photo or artwork in the header without having to learn web-code. I wanted to jump-start my imagination.

So, welcome. I’ve still got work to do on everything — adding my blogroll, working on a new header, etc. But so far, I like it. What do you think?


10 Responses to “New blog home, new look”

  1. First Larry at Revision 99 and now you. I too have been considering switching – partly because of the claustrophobic nature of “followers” and similar Blogger things.

    After a while it gets tiring wondering the follower number will increase or decrease. Something simplier seems better.

  2. as always, look forward to your posts! … aka ;)py

  3. Thanks for the “moved” notice! I’ll get my links changed asap.

  4. Yeah, WordPress is pretty good. I think you’ll like it better than Blogger. Hope it gives you the jump-start you’re seeking! 🙂


    • Thanks Jim, and everyone, for the encouragement and feedback. Now, I just need to think of something to write about…

  5. Very nice new look. Good luck with it.

  6. Writers and other artists should be able to control their publishing medium, not the other way around. I enjoy your work and may you find new and flexible means of expressing your thoughts.

  7. i love it! … wordpress is very cool, good choice 😉

  8. It looks great. Good luck with it — hope it stimulates your imaginaion — and I’ll change the link on my blogroll. I keep wondering whether to change myself. i drifted into Blogger through laziness and technophobia. Never that fond of my Blogger format, but worried I’d lose links, google juice and/or readers if I switched. Will be interested what your experience is.

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