100 words – Day 2 of 50: Summer gray

It was the strangest summer she’d ever spent in sweltering-hot Northern California. Nearly every day in June was gunship gray and cool, but there was no rain. The daytime house looked winterish, flat and shadowy inside. Flowers bloomed without benefit of sunshine. Tomato plants grew. Haunting wind-chimes dingled in the breeze. Twice, thunder ba-boomed. Once, hail rattatatatted for thirty seconds.

Years ago, her elderly friend Magrit in Germany complained the weather there had changed drastically since she was a girl. She blamed it on jet contrails.
Oh cool, quirky un-California June. Global warming? Or just the bitter surprise of age?

2 Responses to “100 words – Day 2 of 50: Summer gray”

  1. blue girl Says:

    Wonderful! Ba-boom!

    Our weather's been weird, too. It seems like it's straightened itself out in the daytime, though. Gets hot and kinda muggy. But, the nights are very cool. It tempted me to shut off off the air and open all the windows the other night. Which was a bad idea. While it *should* be good sleeping weather, it's actually headache-inducing sleeping weather. When the temp drops 30 degrees — no matter how good it feels as you're drifting off — seems to slam the sinuses while asleep.

    I thought I was exhausted cuz I slept too *much* the other night. But, I think the temp change is what did it.

    Back goes on the air today.

  2. We're back to "normal" weather for mid-summer — it's supposed to hit the way-high 90s here today, and down in the valley it will be well over 100 degrees. Ugh. We cool the place with a swamp cooler. It generally becomes useless once the temp goes over 90, but the nights do usually drop 20-30 degrees. Helpful for sleeping. I'm back to dressing in as few articles of clothing I can decently manage and drinking iced peppermint tea.

    Cool weather should be back by the end of October…

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