Food enough for a week

Daughter and I went out yesterday to buy a new wireless router, a chore neither of us was really looking forward to. But once we’d done our duty, it was lunchtime. We decided to stroll Placerville’s Main Street and, once we found a restaurant that was actually open (many businesses in Placerville seem to think no one wants food or anything else on Mondays, for some reason) we’d have some lunch.

We didn’t stroll long before we discovered a new restaurant in an old location. Mexican food! We love Mexican food. So in we went.

The meal was fabulous. Much better than we expected, actually. And once we’d eaten, the very nice waitress suggested that we might like dessert, and proceded to reel off the dessert menu for the day. The first choice was “chocolate tower cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla bean ice cream.”

For some reason, daughter and I could conjure up no willpower. We decided we’d share a single order of the cake and ice cream, expecting that the portions of both goodies would be rather small. Heh. Well, to the right you can see what the grinning waitress brought to our table a few minutes later.

That’s the largest serving of cake — meant for one person — that I’ve ever seen. We laughed and laughed. And then we dug in.

It’s been nearly 24 hours since that meal and I haven’t gotten hungry yet. This is fortunate, since the calories and sugar I consumed yesterday equal about what I’d eat in a week.

I figure I’ll eat again on … Saturday.


6 Responses to “Food enough for a week”

  1. That cake looks amazing. Was it as moist and perfect as it looked? Also, tell your daughter we love her tattoos!

  2. robin andrea Says:

    You two are so cute! What a lovely mother-daughter outing. And that cake, wow, a single bite would definitely suffice for me. Yum.

  3. I gained five pounds just looking at that dessert – hope you do better!

    Mighty fine ink your daughter has (this from an old fuddy-duddy even).

  4. It was a lovely slice of cake. Tasted JUST as good as it looks. It was a fun day, one of those I always wonder why I don’t do more often, afterwards. M’daughter is fun to be with.

    And so far, no new pounds. I’m still on track. 40 lbs less than I was a year ago. :oD

    Thank you Bubs and Dorki for the tatoo compliments extended to my daughter. She’s an artist and created all of them, then found a VERY skilled, careful tatoo artist to transfer them to her skin. She’s braver than I am — I couldn’t sit still for that needle, even for a tiny tat — and she’s proud of her art.

    So am I. :o)

  5. Applause for you Wren! I dropped about 50 pounds over two years myself. Still holding after about six years.

    Anybody else reading this. It Can Be Done.

  6. uphilldowndale Says:

    If that’s a new business, it need to get a grip of potion control! LOL

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