Collapse, cont.

First, I shoveled a new path around the collapsed carport to the driveway. That bit where the corner is sticking out over the path is dicey. I don’t like it.

Once I’d connected up to yesterday’s path, it was just a matter of shoveling an inch or so, all the way up to to the lane. And there I stopped, turned around, and took another photo. Pretty, isn’t it? Except for the carport. And my poor old Celica.

It’s well after noon and the insurance people haven’t called yet, so I’m going to call them. Again. While I was out there working, making sure that whoever they send can get to the house, I realised that the cart we use for bringing wood inside was under the carport, too, and impossible to get to right now. That’s a real problem. We’ve got about 24 hours worth of wood in the house, so I guess Mr Wren and I will be carrying in precarious, heavy armloads.

In addition, the weather is supposed to get bad again this weekend. New snow? Just rain? They’re not saying yet. But this mess just has to be cleared by then.

And finally, my daughter and her fiance are moving home this month, and we’d planned to get as much of the move done as possible this upcoming weekend. If the collapsed carport is still blocking the bottom of the driveway then, it’s gonna be pretty tough carrying boxes, furniture and etc. in.

Later: I reached the insurance folks. The claims person hasn’t called yet because “frankly, we’re swamped.” Apparently they’ve been deluged with claims following the series of storms that went through the state. Which means that my claim will just have to wait until they can get to it.

This would be a wonderful moment for a smoke and a stiff drink. I can’t have either one.


6 Responses to “Collapse, cont.”

  1. Bill Stankus Says:

    When a big tree fell on the house in a winter’s storm about 2 years ago, I believe we waited about 3-4 week for a claims person to show-up. Tarped the roof and put buckets inside where the rain would come in.

  2. Wow. I sure hope we don’t have to wait that long, Bill. I guess if we do, we’ll manage somehow …

  3. Blahhhhhh. So much stress. So sorry, Wren. I hope the insurance people are quick to get out to you.

    So sorry!

  4. robin andrea Says:

    I just read your previous post and got caught up here on the status of things. Yikes. I hope you can get it all worked out quickly.

  5. Wil Robinson Says:

    I swear I just read a post of yours about spring and birds and warm weather…what happened?

    Is the Celica still salvageable?

  6. Ahhhh Wil, we had mild temps, sun and springy weather all through January and then in Feb., wham. More snow than I’ve seen in many, many years. We’re back to rain, now (Feb. 23). The snow has pretty much melted away so I can see the Celica a bit better, still stuck under the collapsed carport. I THINK it may have survived except for some narsty dents. Fingers are crossed.

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