Be careful …

… what you ask for. You might get it.

I took these shots about a half-hour ago.
8:15 a.m. It’s still snowing. Wind’s gusting. Inside, the woodstove is blazing, the beasties are snoozing in front of it and I’m near it too, telling you about it. So much for my path-making yesterday. If it keeps snowing like this much longer, I won’t be able to tell where it was. Once again there is no sound outside, as if the world has been wrapped in cotton. It’s 28 degrees, by the thermometer. Dog went out, came back in covered with snow and happy with it. He barrelled past me, headed for the pantry, from which his breakfast appears each morning. He shook all the snow off just as I caught up with him, giving me a snow shower.

As long as the electricity doesn’t fail, life is good.


2 Responses to “Be careful …”

  1. Ugh. Yeah, I lust had to glory in the dorky little snowfall we got down the hill here yesterday, didn’t I?

    It snowed a LOT more overnight, and still was snowing until justa little bit ago. And it’s sticking, several inches thick.

    … And I didn’t park at the top or bottom of the hill yestrday, because when I parked then, the dorky snowfall of before had already melted almost totally away.

    I have to go get my paycheck today, and go to the bank, and we’d planned on heading up the hill to the post office there to go ahead and get a P.O.Box.

    I don’t know how I’m gonna do that. Our street, narrow and one-way and STEEEEEEP as it is, doesn’t get snowplowed, and none of our neighbor have braved the elements to drive a path up the road yet.

    Oh, arg.

  2. Thank goodness it’s your day off. Can you have them put your check in your desk? And wait until tomorrow for traveling anywhere? And go out and build a snowman? ;o)

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