Just because …

… deep winter has swooped back into Northern California with a series of cold, wet storms all the way from Alaska. Naturally, I had to take photos. This first one is a close-up of nandina berries.

We’ve had snow over the last two nights. The first storm left about three inches. Last night’s storm put us up to about 8 inches. The hush that has fallen over the immediate world is striking. So this is what it was like 100 years ago, before highways and cars and chainsaws and sirens.

Mr Wren put suet blocks out for the local birds. They’d gotten used to the warm, spring-like weather, but now have to hunt for food in a world gone icy and white. Below is a rufous towhee, but a brown towhee, a variety of sparrows, and a small flock of Oregon juncos have also been enjoying the feast.

I took this shot at around 5:30 yesterday morning. It’s a strange one and probably not the best, but I like the way it came out. It’s of the top of an arbor-style bench and table on the side patio and the steep, vinca and kamchatka rose-covered hill. At its top is the road.

Yes, I do love the winter snows, particularly since I don’t have to struggle through it to get to work each day. Soon enough, I won’t have this luxury anymore. I’m savoring it while I can.


One Response to “Just because …”

  1. Beautiful photos!

    We got snow at our place too – enough to stick and last through morning. Hell, it may even still be there now. It wasn’t deep by any means. It’s all patchy and melty, and maybe an inch deep at the highest tiny “ridges” of it. But, it’s there!

    I as thrilled, till I had to drive up that disgustingly steep road to get to work this morning. The thrill returned once I survived the climb without even a little shimmy, and remained for the rest of the drive to work.

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