38/50 – Worst. President. Evah.

Sixty-nine percent of Americans think that George W. Bush is doing a crappy job as President. The other 28 percent – that’s 28 out of 100 Americans – thinks he’s doing just fine.

They are obviously dunderheads.

The truth is, Bush let us down. Instead of providing strong, capable leadership with honesty and integrity, he lied to us, he cheated us, he stole money from our pockets, he sent our friends and family members to fight and die in an unnecessary war and he laid the whole, stinking debt for it all on future generations of Americans.

Can we arrest him now?


3 Responses to “38/50 – Worst. President. Evah.”

  1. blue girl Says:

    Can we arrest him now?

    There is nothing, and I mean — nothing — that I’d like more than to see Bush and Cheney in handcuffs.

    No exaggeration at all. Those guys have done irreparable harm. I seethe….

  2. “Can we arrest him now?”

    As of now, no.
    But that does not mean that he or any others from his administration is immune to indictment by and prosecution in an international court – think Nuremberg trial.
    There seem to be some documents being found that point to commission of war crimes very high up the ladder (with torture just being the starting point).

  3. It hurts to think about it. I used to think it was too bad he wouldn’t be around long enough to see history’s judgment; now I think he wouldn’t care anyway.

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