19/50 – Animals know

Suitcase packed? Check. Briefcase packed with laptop, notepads, pens, sketchbook, and colored pencils? Check. Camera and extra batteries? Coat? Book to read on the plane? Check, check, check. Did you remember the clean underwear? Toothbrush? Check and check. Cellphone charger? And what about the allergy tablets? Got ‘em.



Mr.  Wren promised me he’ll take very good care of my ol’ buddy, who did his best to get swept up in the pre-travel whirlwind. When I saw him perched on top of the suitcase, I had to sit down with him and do some reassuring. I’ll be back, PIB.


4 Responses to “19/50 – Animals know”

  1. Aww, what a cute cat. My tuxedo cat likes to crawl into my suitcase while it is being packed, but if he misses that chance he perches on top of it too. No chance of him being a stowaway, however – he’s way too big for that.

  2. The cat, a tuxedo type. Very nice breed. We have two litter-mate females. Between them and my wife’s siblings I (an only child) learned all I want to know about sisters 🙂

    Have a good trip.

  3. Blowing Shit Up With Gas Says:

    Have a nice trip! I’ve always been a little fascinated w/ Los Alamos. Many of the world’s smartest scientists live there!

  4. Such a sweet kitty! My little princess Maya searches for me when I’m not here. Have a great trip. I covet a change of view!

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