No answers.

In my last post I asked, at the end, “Why are we letting the criminal George W. Bush get away with this?”

But you know, the more I thought about it, the more the question bothered me. Not because I asked it, but because I can’t think of any good reason except “heheh…  follow the money.”

And that just irritates me even more, because America’s prosecution of Bush’s War sure hasn’t made most Americans any money. In fact, it’s cost us thousands and thousands and thousands and… oh, hell. Billions. Eventually, trillions. My daughter will be paying for Bush’s War long after I’ve died.

And all that money won’t buy her gasoline, or clean air and water, or food free of chemical additives and fat-inducing corn sugar. It won’t help slow or stop global warming and the inevitable climate change and plant and animal species die-outs that warming will cause. The money we’ve spent now, and the money she’ll be forced to keep spending, paying for Bush’s War, won’t help her live better, or ensure her freedom from imposed religion. It won’t insure that she, as a woman, has the right to choose whether or not she’ll bear a child. And it won’t help her children if she does have them.

I hate to say it, but all that is the case no matter who becomes president in 2008. Some of those things would be in the balance whether the criminal George W. Bush got to have his war or not. But some of them might not be, too. Those trillions of dollars might well have gone to more productive and positive things. Hundreds of thousands of people, at least 4,000 of our own included, might not have died.

Why ARE we giving the criminal George w. Bush a pass?

Why aren’t we holding him, personally, to account? It can be argued that he’s an idiot, a puppet whose masters stand behind the curtains, pulling the strings. Dick Cheney is one of them, probably the Head Puppetmaster. Then there’s Karl Rove. Richard Perle. Paul Wolfowitz. John Yoo. And lots of others, of course, all who worked to empower this criminal president.

But the fact is, in the end it was the criminal George W. Bush who took the oath of the office of the presidency. Twice. He said, with his hand on a Bible:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

He hasn’t done that. In fact, he’s done just the opposite, using his office and his power to destroy and dismantle the Constitution, to make a mockery of it. He hasn’t been faithful in the execution of his office, which requires him to act responsibly in representing the People of the United States, all of us, including those who voted for him in good faith.

Perhaps that’s the problem. He didn’t actually win the popular vote of the People, but instead through nefarious means and a rigged election, stole the Presidency. In which case he was a criminal walking in, and never intended from the start to do anything except make himself and his cronies fabulously rich. We knew it then. We knew it when he ran for the presidency the second time and squeaked by with the popular vote.

The American people gave him a pass. We couldn’t believe he really was that bad.

He really is that bad.

And so now, here we are, with the new presidential elections only a little over seven months away. Meanwhile, the criminal George W. Bush is still in charge. He has not been made to account to anyone for his mistakes or his lies or his wholesale destruction of the principles our country was built upon. As far as I can tell, he never will be made to face up to any of it, not even the hideous deaths and maimings he’s personally responsible for in insisting upon waging a war based on lies and greed.

Why not? What does this say about us as Americans in the New Millennium, Americans who won’t demand accountability from their leaders? Americans who ignore it all as long as we have cars and gasoline and big screen TVs and fast food and Tivo and cellphones …

All of which may collapse shortly, given the skyrocketing price of the world’s dwindling supply of oil – another situation that the criminal George W. Bush knows well is looming but doesn’t care about because he and his cronies will be so freaking rich the misery they’ve brought upon us all with their criminal neglect won’t touch them.

The odds, at this rate, are pretty good that sometime before November, our country will attack Iran with nuclear weapons (based on lies about Iran’s nuclear program and intents) and push the hapless Germans, the Soviets and the Communist Chinese aside in the unending competition for the dark and dubious title of The Most Evil Nation in the History of the World.

And we … we’re letting him do it to us. 


One Response to “No answers.”

  1. Larry Jones Says:

    Dear Wren, I share your frustration. What has happened in our names is appalling, and the more so because Bush does, in fact, seem to be “getting away with it.” I haven’t been so filled with hatred since the Nixon Administration. At least Nixon was a smart guy, brought down by his own paranoia and, let’s remember, by his agreement to submit to Congress and the judiciary when push came to shove. Bush, on the other hand, is an idiot. All his wealth and connections and influence could only buy him a “C” average in school, which means he’s a natural “F” student. The fact that his hideously stupid initiatives are really the work of shadowy backroom manipulators is no comfort. When we got Bush, we got the whole package, and we now reap that harvest.

    All in Congress who are letting this happen will be forever shamed, although most will go blithely on, invincible in their rigged districts, paying no more price than Rove/Cheney/Bush.

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