11/50 – "Victory" in Iraq

Up is down. Black is white. In is out. Dark is light.

On the fifth anniversary of the launch of Bush’s War in Iraq, The Liar is on TV saying that we’ve managed a victory there. That’s in spite of violence levels in Baghdad that never fell below those in 2005, and which are rising again. In spite of an American body count that’s risen to 3,982. And in spite of tens of thousands of Iraqis who’ve died because they were unlucky enough to be alive when George W. Bush decided to show his father who had the bigger dick.


2 Responses to “11/50 – "Victory" in Iraq”

  1. Wren,

    I wasn’t brave enough to tackle this one. Good for you! On CNN today, one of the female anchors, while announcing, Bush’s press conference slipped and referred to it as “his war in Iraq.” Or was it a slip? Of course, she’s now one of my personal heroes, as are you. I’m glad you spoke your truth here.

  2. Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks Says:

    “victory.” Wasn’t that word used quite a lot in Orwell’s 1984?? Much th’ same way, too??

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