Car hunting …

Mr. Wren and I are about to go test drive one of these. I’m not sure whether to laugh at it or pet it …

Now, if you’re looking for a giggle, you must to visit Dragonlaugh’s blog, Dream of the Dragon, and spend a minute of your busy day watching “Hedge-face.” Call it a mental health break.


3 Responses to “Car hunting …”

  1. Dragon Laugh Says:

    You do realize, don’t you, that if you get one of these you simple must get a red one and paint big black lady-bug spots on it. Like the ‘bugs we’d see in Germany.

    I want one, too.

  2. Larry Jones Says:

    Leave it to a car dealer to put alloy wheels and a fancy paint job on one of these. They’ll probably call it the “Driver Preferred Package” and it will add $9,000 to the price.

  3. It is a cute car but around here I am likely to have a cellphone-talking drunk in a Hummer at 80 MPH on my tail. You might consider the Tesla roadster. It is all electric and can get zero to Warp 5 in about 3 nanoseconds (although a bit pricey).

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