Horrible thought …

Rove resigns. Gonzales resigns.

Who’s next? Well … Bush. George Dubya resigns. Who takes over for him?

Dick Cheney. And the nefarious plan is complete.

You think I’m kidding.



4 Responses to “Horrible thought …”

  1. MichaelBains Says:

    Oh man!


    Oh, but wait a sec. Nope. I’m not worried, because $hrub’s ego is too damned big.

    {whew!} Who’d’ve ever though that would come in handy?

  2. A Big Fat Slob Says:

    Even worse . . . . Cheney resigns for health reasons and Bush nominates Jeb . . . . who then runs in ’08 as an incumbent VP . . . .

  3. blue girl Says:

    Yeah, I think MB is right. GWB’s ego is way too big to step down from anything.

    But a big fat slob’s theory is a good — if very scary — one.

  4. Kevin Wolf Says:

    Just the name Dick Cheney qualifies as a horrible thought.

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