Rain for Wren’s garden

A thunderstorm came through overnight. I slept through it, so I don’t think it was a very loud one, but this morning I woke to beautiful, misty gray skies and a garden beaded with raindrops. The air is cool, clean and so, so fresh and … green.

I wandered out in my bathrobe, slippers and bedhead and shot a few photos. What I wasn’t able to catch – they were way too fast for me – were a Bewick wren and her fledgling, perched on the rose arbor enjoying breakfast. I just love those little birds.

The first photo is the path between the hedgerow and the house on the north side. The second is a shot of the front garden at the Wren’s Nest. The third is a detail of Mr. Wren’s favorite clematis, which is growing wild up through the Japanese maple by the front door.


2 Responses to “Rain for Wren’s garden”

  1. Dragon Laugh Says:

    Beautiful photos! It always smells so nice there when it rains …

  2. cloudscome Says:

    Lovely! I enjoy wandering the garden paths in the early morning. I’m doing the Sunday Garden Stroll round up this week here. Please join!

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