My good neighbor, who was bitten by my overly protective dog, is recovering well from the blood infection he got as a result of the bite. Home from the hospital for several days now, he continues to be amiable about the whole mess. I think he may be a saint.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that he’s all right. This has been, as you might imagine, a nightmare.

The dog has been released from home quarantine by the animal control folks. Nevertheless, for the rest of his life, I’ve put my old friend on permanent house arrest. And finally, I’m starting to breathe again.


4 Responses to “Reprieve”

  1. Blowing Shit Up With Gas Says:

    I’m sure his recovery is a *huge* relief. Not long before I read your original post, I’d seen a documentary on Animal Planet (while at a hotel; I don’t have cable TV at home) about a case of a blood infection from an animal bite. The ending, uh, wasn’t so good — so I didn’t comment and just hoped things would turn off well.

    So, are you just going to buy him a runner or something (i.e. chain him up)? Surely, he still needs to get outside and all…

  2. Blue Wren Says:

    Our back yard is completely fenced and fortunately, my old buddy isn’t a digger, so he’ll still get to do some outdoors time. And we do have a good-sized dog pen back there, though the chickens live in it now.

    I had no idea that blood infections were a common result of dog bites, even minor ones like this one. What a way to be educated — *huge* relief barely describes how I feel.

  3. Dragon Laugh Says:

    Give Logie a hug for me. I miss the lil’ bugger.

  4. Thank God. For some reason, your tale has been one of those awful worries in the back of my mind since I read it. Please give your neighbor the best wishes of a total stranger.

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