A humble request

Short of taking up pitchforks and torches, hopping up and down and shouting until we’re hoarse, could we, as the American people, have been more clear in Nov. 2006 that we wanted our troops home from Iraq?

Voters dumped a whole passel of Republican enablers and voted for Democrats to take their places in Congress. Believing in our democracy, we turned out to cast our ballots in great numbers.

Polls have shown that over 70 percent of the people in America want American involvement in Iraq to end. We are disgusted with Bush, appalled that he 1) launched a war of aggression against a country that didn’t threaten us; 2) bald-faced lied about the reasons for doing it; 3) prosecuted the war with breathtaking incompetence; i.e., there was no plan for what happened after Saddam fell; 4) didn’t adequately armor, equip and support the soldiers on the ground; 5) gave huge contracts to his cronies in Halliburton, et al; 6) stood by, apparently with his thumb up his ass, while making excuses for the increasing insurgent and terror attacks there; and 7) when we said, loud and clear: “Bring Them Home,” he escalated the war.

And all this while cutting taxes for the richest Americans and sticking the rest of us – and our children, and grandchildren – with the bill.

I know it’s unlikely that any Congress members on either side of the aisle are reading this humble blog, wasting your beautiful minds thinking about my words. But if you are, might I respectfully request that you please

Quit fooling around with symbolic resolutions and work at the speed of light to refuse further funding for the escalation of this war, set quick and firm schedules to bring our soldiers home, and stop that maniac Bush before he can start yet another, new war of aggression with Iran. This is a disaster. Please. Hurry.

Thank you.


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