Contemplating horror

It seems that President Bush is now contemplating the use of a nuclear weapon against Iran.

According to Agente Presse France, Seymour Hersch has written an article, which will be published on April 16 in The New Yorker, which says that Bush and his administration are now doing serious “studies” on the possible use of a nuclear weapon. The idea is, apparently, that nuking innocent Iranian men, women and children will somehow cause the survivors to rise up against and overthrow their own leaders and welcome Western-style democracy as their new form of government.


Turn it around. If Iran nuked, say, Washington, DC, would the American people be likely to turn on their own democratic government and welcome an Islamic theocracy in its place?

This is sheer madness. This is … horror. Even thinking about it. What sort of maniacs are running this country?

Yeah, I know. The same maniacs who stole the presidential election in 2000, lied the American people into prosecuting a disastrous war in Iraq, felt that barely winning with a majority for a second term in 2004 was a “mandate” and continue to tell us everything is hunky-dory in Iraq while the country collapses into the civil war we created. The same maniacs that think it’s OK to use torture and “renditions” and wiretap Americans without a warrant. Who think there’s nothing wrong with declassifying certain selected, politically advantageous information and leaking it to bolster their own lies. These are the same maniacs who outed an undercover CIA operative as revenge on a brave man who pointed out their lies.

Is Bush bluffing? Hoping to scare the Iranians into doing what he wants them to do? If so, he’s a fool.

But then, we already knew that.


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