Hello, world. This is Wren.

I’m Wren. I’m an American, a disgruntled Democrat, a veteran, a Mom, a wife, an artist and a journalist, a non-believer. I’ve never been political. But I can’t sit silent and watch while America is taken over by the religious right and our democracy and great Constitution are shredded away by inches.
I’m deeply worried about America. I don’t want to see the day come when we find ourselves, by virtue of our silence, powerless subjects of an imperial theocracy. I have a lot of questions and not much in the way of answers. But I have a sharp, questing mind and increasingly, feel compelled to speak out.
And so, I’ll blog. I hope to get a good conversation going here so that perhaps, between us, we can find our way home.


One Response to “Hello, world. This is Wren.”

  1. LiveGorgeously Says:

    Bonjour, Wren! I, too, am deeply concerned about the political (and other) state of affairs in the U.S. So, I appreciate your boldness and your experience. I’ve been thinking about the “democrat” and “republican” scenes a lot lately. Perplexing, polarizing. How do we get things done in this country? Good things. Grassroots seems to be the best approach at present. I just read about the 32 year old responsible for organizing the movement to overthrow Milosovec. Inspiring. He is a gamer, too, and is actually in the middle of designing a game for peaceful protest and political organization. This is one game I will buy and play.

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